President's Letter to Members

October 7, 2014

Fellow CADP members:

As you know, our long-time executive director, Jackie Miller, is retiring at the end of 2014.  Throughout her 19-year tenure, the dental benefits industry in California promoted access to affordable, quality dental benefits, strengthened its legislative and regulatory activities, and provided quality educational opportunities for its members.  We want to wish Jackie the best as she begins her next life chapter, and thank her for her many contributions to our growth as an association.

In anticipation of Jackie’s pending retirement, the board of directors began early this year to review our options for succession and transition, beginning with our hiring of an expert association management consultant to assist the Board. Following a careful review of the options, the board entered into negotiations with the National Association of Dental Plans, leading to an agreement that will have NADP provide administrative oversight of our Association. 

The new management contract and services agreement makes clear that CADP remains a California-based, California-focused organization run and managed at the policy level by your elected board representatives. We will continue, for instance, to have direct involvement in California through our current lobbying firm Capitol Advocacy LLC and regulatory counsel Nossaman LLP.

The synergies we have with NADP in terms of both our membership and the required scope of regulatory/legislative activities make this relationship with NADP a natural fit. In addition, we will realize some significant savings in our overall management cost structure, which in turn helps offset our need to increase dues beyond the announced levels in order to meet our higher lobbying costs.

In conclusion, I know I speak for the entire board when I express to you how excited we are about our future as an association. The new management contract should lead to many improved services including web administration, improved program content at our annual meetings, and smarter use of association resources wherever they are deployed.

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Robin Muck

Press Release re: CADP Management

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