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About CADP

What Is CADP?

The California Association of Dental Plans (CADP) is California's only organization for Knox-Keene licensed dental plans. The Association was organized in 1985 to promote, through education and collective action, the mutual interests of the industry.

Why Is It Needed?

CADP fosters awareness of quality of care standards and works to establish guidelines to meet those standards, influences the legislative and regulatory environment, promotes improved operational efficiencies through cooperative systems development, and promotes the dental managed care industry.

Who is Involved?

Membership is comprised of the leading companies offering prepaid dental plans in California. Each company, as represented by the CEO or key management personnel, has made a commitment to further the goals of the Association through cooperation and mutual awareness of issues that affect the activities of all Knox-Keene licensed plans.

Objectives And Purposes

Mission Statement

CADP's mission is to provide leadership in the dental benefits industry and promote quality dental care.

Functions of the Association

Legislative and Regulatory Influence:
The Association's lobbying function is an integral part of the legislative and regulatory process. The Association is influential in shaping issues which have an impact on the dental managed care industry.


The Association sponsors three programs each year: the Annual Conference, Quality Assurance Conference, and Legislative Conference. These meetings provide an opportunity for member companies and others in the managed dental care industry.

Uniform Standards:

The Association works to develop industrywide standards for dental care delivery, based upon guidance provided by the dental and specialty professions and regulatory entities on both state and national levels. These standards are established to encourage uniform applications in the performance of audits and reviews.


CADP member organizations benefit from an ongoing exchange of ideas between corresponding management levels. Opportunities for discussion are provided in both structured and informal settings through Association-sponsored events.

The Association also serves as an effective conduit for communicating to the media and general public on issues of concern to the dental managed care industry.